10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Nigerian Girl!

EDITOR’S NOTE: It is no longer news that our generation experiences the highest rate of separation and divorce among married couple. The official reasons have always been given as “irreconcilable differences”.  Since marriage is a private affair, or supposedly assumed so, we respect the couple privacy and let the sleeping dog lie. But quite frankly, if we must tame the “culture” of separation or divorce, which in the long run put the children produced in the marriage, at the receiving end, and/or caused untold psychological trauma and untold lose sometimes to the couple, we must begin to purposely choose our life partner by not compromising some vital elements. Thus,’s reporter, OLUSOJI EWAOLUWA VICTORIA, writes on ten (10) reasons why Nigerian girls ought to be given first consideration by men in search of life mate. Happy reading!

Ladies are an indispensable object of men’s affection, and when it comes to marriage, they all have certain standards and most men have no plans to settle for less.  I have been wondering why some men have reservations about Nigerian ladies. Some say Nigerian ladies are ostentatious, some say traditional marriage in Nigeria is expensive, but nothing good comes without a price right? Here are ten things you stand to enjoy if you marry a Nigerian girl.

Cooking skills: Nigerian ladies are very familiar with the saying ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. In fact, they have been trained from a very young age to possess good culinary skills. Little wonder most Nigerian women are excellent cooks. Luckily, the Nigerian culture has provided for a great combination of traditional dishes, from Pounded yam with Egusi soup to Tuwo Shinkafa with Miyan Kuka or Cocoyam with Oha soup. Her Yam pottage Asaro will make you stop blaming Esau from losing his birthright! So when it comes to having mouth watering meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are the type that strongly supports the saying ‘There is no greater love sincerer than the love for food’, a Nigerian woman is the best choice for you!


Nigerian girls are beautiful: Nigerian girls are beautiful and charming. From the fair skinned ones to the black beauties, they have naturally beautiful skin and don’t really require much make up to bring out their beauty. These Nigerian ladies are adequately represented in all ethnic groups. Possessing mad curves, sumptuous breasts and sexy lips, the world can attest to the fact that Nigeria is blessed with some of its most beautiful women. Women like Genevieve Nnaji, a Nigerian actress, Agbani Darego, A Nigerian model, best known as the first black American Miss world.


They are Homely: Nigerian ladies have the necessary skills needed to maintain a home and keep the home in order. They can multi-task effectively and balance the act of keeping the home, training the children and pursuing their careers. Even those with demanding careers have been able to manage their homes effectively. Nigerian women such as Omotola Ekeinde have been known to manage their homes effectively, even with a demanding career.


Hospitable: Nigerian ladies are generally known to be hospitable, humble, loving and compassionate. Since respect one of the main components of the Nigerian culture, you can be sure to find a respectful and well mannered girl in Nigeria and you can be sure of a woman who can be hospitable to you, and receive your family members and visitors with all the warmth that is required.

Good Sense of Humour: Nigerian women have been known to be good company, wherever they find themselves. Even during hard times, Nigerian ladies will always have something to laugh about. They can be very effective in brightening your mood and make you relax after a hard day’s work. They are great in bed too, so you are guaranteed to have no dull moments in your home if you marry a Nigerian woman.

humourous nigerian lady

Fashionable and Classy: When it comes to fashion, Nigerian women are on top! They know how to dress beautifully, combining different styles and colours with accessories to match. Nigerian ladies like Rita Dominic, Genevieve Nnaji, Toke Makinwa, and Stephanie Coker amongst others are wildly known for their great sense of style and fashion. If you’re in search of a fashionable lady, knock on the door of a Nigerian girl. Their fashion sense is one of a kind; they will never cease to amaze you!


God Fearing: Nigeria is a religious country. It is even said to have the highest number of churches in the word. Any Nigerian lady you meet is likely to fall under the three major religions in Nigeria. Nigerian ladies have been taught to be God fearing and prayerful right from a very young age. If you need a lady who will support you in every way she can, even through prayers, a Nigerian lady is the right choice. They are loyal and they stick around ‘for better or worse’.

nigerian woman praying

Intelligent: Nigerian ladies are smart, brilliant, insightful and sensitive. They are wise and they process good judgement. When it comes to intellectual capacity, they always have something to offer. Harvard graduate Saheela Ibrahim is listed among the world’s smartest teenagers. Chimmamanda Nngozi Adichie, a brilliant Nigerian Author always inspires me. Who says Nigerian ladies ain’t smart? You can also count on them for intelligent offspring.


Family Oriented: Nigerian women are family oriented, playing major roles in keeping the family together. Statistics show that the divorce rate in Nigeria is relatively low compared to that of the western world. The Nigerian culture frowns at divorce, Nigerian women have been trained to give their all to their homes and keep it standing no matter the force of the wind.


Hardworking: Nigerian women are supportive, industrious, creative and hardworking. Whatever a Nigerian woman finds doing, she does it well. Little wonder the richest woman in the world, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija is a Nigerian! Nigerian ladies are passionate about their work and families. Nigerian ladies have also been known to posses one skill or the other such as sewing, baking, knitting e.t.c. You are sure to find one of those in every house.

Aishat At Work
Aishat At Work

Nigerian ladies are a total package! Now don’t you agree?

In conclusion, David lynch, a foreigner married to a Nigerian lady has this to say. _”I married my Nigerian wife Omenefe lynch for the benefits. Especially stew, pounded yam, Egusi soup and star beer. Plus she has given me beautiful children. She has inspired me to be successful in my life and she has enriched me with Nigerian culture and the opportunity to travel to Nigeria often and enjoy the beautiful country. I have benefitted from the marriage more than she has”. Bachelors from all over the world searching for beautiful wives, who are all rounders, take a trip to Nigeria and make your pick. You’ll never regret your decision!

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