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See The Latest Limousine That Moves On Land And Water

The limousine is a spectacular 33 foot-long vehicle. Photo credit: Autojosh

A new Limousine has been designed with capacity to move on water and land. According to, the Tender 33, the amphibious limousines by Nouvoyage, moves on land as a limousine and a Yacht on water. It costs a whooping sum of N720 million, that is, $2 million. This latest world wonder is a 33 foot-long vehicle capable of carrying …

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Owning A Dog Makes You Live Longer


According to a report made available by Cable News Newtwork (CNN)’s Victoria Larned, those who keep dogs have chances of living long. The report reads: ‘”The benefits that come with owning a dog are clear– physical activity, support, companionship — but owning a dog could literally be saving your life Dog ownership is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular …

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The Problem With Family Business Succession


BIMBO AJAO I watched a show on T.V, Spice Origin. It featured the art of wool making in some part of Edo state, which was really fascinating. What baffled me was the fact that majority of the women involved in the craft were old women, in fact, just one of them could be considered as young. One can only imagine …

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