5 Nigerian Women Entrepreneurs Leaving Their Mark


The upscale trajectory of growth of multiple start-ups and entrepreneurs across the globe has taken innovation and development to a new forefront like never seen before. Men and women alike are leaving footprints in the sands of new, innovative ideas and companies that are thriving under their tutelage.

Olamide Orekunrin , Photo by NdaniTV, CC BY 3.0
Olamide Orekunrin , Photo by NdaniTV, CC BY 3.0

Celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship, this article focuses on five such female entrepreneurs from Nigeria, one of the poorest countries in the world. Their willpower and enthusiasm to succeed despite the obvious setbacks shows us clearly that where there is will to do the impossible, there is always a legitimate way to do so!
1. Bilikiss Adebiyi Abiola
She is currently the CEO of WeCyclers, a recycling company that specifically focuses on the waste collection, based on incentive provided to the customers who dispose of their waste with the help of the company.

The company basically collects waste from households, sorts it through to retrieve recyclable items and sends an SMS to the respective household providing points because of the waste they disposed of. The company uses low-cost cargo bicycles to collect waste. This has transformed the way Lagos disposes waste and helped the government to collect garbage from the most remote places in the area.

Bilikiss is an MIT Sloan School of Management graduate, who envisaged to create a business that can see garbage collection as a commercial activity rather than a social endeavour by the government.

2. Yasmin Belo-Osagie
Yasmin is one of the co-founders of the organisation called ‘She Leads Africa’, a social enterprise that seeks to address various challenges faced by commercial businesses run by women in Nigeria. It also supports many such businesses and social services. The enterprise envisages to encourage and thereby built many African women led businesses so that women in Nigeria can break the glass ceilings and be a part of the entrepreneurial environment.

Yasmin with her co-founder Afua Osei, aim to aid African women in building organisations that can spread from a particular region to the nation and subsequently expand to a global level. The largest number of women entrepreneurs come from the Sub-Saharan region- 27% to be exact. SLA works towards providing upcoming businesses with larger funding platforms so that expand it to huge, successful businesses and professional services.

3. Hannah Kabir
She is the Managing Director of Creeds Energy which she found in 2012. The company works towards addressing major energy challenges in Nigeria and provide environment-friendly alternatives to the pertaining electricity issues.

The company provides renewable energy solutions that are at par with efficiency and the money paid for buying the technology. Her team also produced a preliminary assessment report that proposed energy efficient measures and various avenues to integrate renewable technologies to reduce the energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions for Grade 1 buildings.

She is a Business Economics graduate from the Queen Mary University of London. She is also a member of the following organisations: African Renewable Energy Alliance (AREA), Energy Institute UK and the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

4. Olamide Orekunrin
Olamide is the Managing Director of Flying Doctors Nigeria, an air operated emergency medical organisation that runs on charity. She is a 28-year-old British Nigerian doctor who is also trained to fly a helicopter. She established the company in 2007 when she was just 21.

She is one of the youngest medical graduates in Nigeria. She has a specialization in aviation medicine and hence started the organisation to address medical issues to help the patients in Nigeria.

Flying Doctors have 20 aircraft and 44 doctors who can deliver care en route to one of Nigeria’s hospitals. The company hires out their services to major events in Nigeria as well as offering insurance to wealthy companies and families in the country.

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5. Ruth Obih
A lawyer by profession, Ruth founded 3Invest, a real estate company that caters to various real estate owners, investors, developers and occupiers at a global scale. She has been credited with digitalising the real estate market in Sub Saharan Africa through its advocacy platform called as 3Invest Intelligence.

She has transformed the real estate market in Nigeria by providing her clients with relevant information that even helped them to stay afloat during the global economic meltdown in 2008. Her company consists of 9 members and a single office based in Nigeria. She is also renowned for her entrepreneurial efforts in the field of fashion as well, hence making her a versatile entrepreneur.

The innovative ideas that each of these five women brings forth are not just beneficial to their companies/organisations but have also helped in aiding the entire Nigerian community. Their efforts in building a Nigeria that is exempt of poverty has brought immense aid to many in Nigeria. They have been featured in various renoqed magazines for their Stella roles and commendable work.

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