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The past is behind us and the future is hazy. All that we have is what is here and what is within.

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There are numerous advantages of being new if only we could all see. Newness is a state of mind. So, all that the new year requires of you before coming into it is to feel new, act new and you are good to go!

When people get to a new place, they forget to leave their old habits behind. The people at the new place are eager to know who they are. It is left to you to tell your own story. What will it be? The new girl is lazy, opinionated and consistently unreliable or the new girl is diligent, innovative and consistently reliable? It doesn’t matter if you were lazy at your old place. Your 2018 story is: she is diligent, innovative and consistently reliable.

2018 is a new place. So how do you want your story to be told at the end of the year? Start new. All you need to develop your business or start a new one is online. Search within, “how do I use my data?” Do you spend the whole day on Instagram and Snapchat? Facebook and Twitter? It is wise investment only if you clients or customers are on this platform and you are getting good returns on investment. You can google, for instance, “20 Businesses I Can Start in Nigeria with N20,000.”

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Are you are a corporate career person? Join LinkedIn. Consciously and intentionally follow successful people in your chosen career or field from January 2018. Unfollow those people whose lives unconsciously influence yours but you are not aspiring to be anything like them. Cut off negative relationships. Begin new profitable ones. Networking is easy but tricky. For some, it is effortless; for others, it is the most difficult thing to do. Wherever you find yourself, try your best to tell as many people as possible what is it that you do. It is as easy as, “My name is OJ. I’m a professional chef. What do you do?”

In 2018, read biographies. Read about the lives of the people you aspire to be like. Pay attention to the mistakes they made and try to avoid the yourself. Don’t aspire to be like them, aspire to be better than them. Watch TEDx Videos. Make sure it is on something random. Read inspiration or motivational books. Make a long list of them. If you want to develop your career, make sure you attend as many conferences, seminars and workshops as you can in 2018.

 Find yourself a mentor or a group of self-motivated friends who will push you to be better. Make sure you add one big new skill to your life in 2018. Occupy your mind with the thought of traveling out of the country before the end of the year and constantly work towards achieving. One of the easiest ways is to ceaselessly search for all expense paid trips. Join an association and be active in it.

 Invest in a business or create a product or service of your own. To do either, you must be a voracious reader and a tireless research. Make sure in 2018, you chase knowledge and content. Work on your brand. 2018 is your grand new opening. The impression you want the market to have of you all depends on YOU. Remember, Success is in life is a product of our vision. What you see is what you become. What do you see?

That’s my Sage Dosage for this week.

OJ Ayansola (more commonly known as Sage) is a contributor to The multi-talented budding IMG-20171228-WA0004lawyer, is a compere, keen debater, motivational speaker, life coach, blogger and freelance writer. He currently interns at Sefton Fross, a corporate commercial law firm in Lekki, Lagos. Click here to follow Sage Dosage on Instagram.

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