“Linda Ikeji Is Good, But….”, Adedamola Finally Speaks Out



These days it is not uncommon in Nigeria to see fast rising stars or celebrities engaging in all sorts of media stunts, to garner popularity or attract attention, from attacking each other on the social media to posting some controversial statements or pictures of themselves or granting incessant interviews to blogs. But that is not the case with the fast rising star, Adedamola Oladapo.

Adedamola, the beautiful dark-skinned 400-level law student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, and CEO of Adedamola ,  one of Nigeria’s fast growing blogs, social companionship and market affiliate websites, has been shying away from the media. According to her she prefers her work to speak for her. However, she celebrated her birthday on the 5th of June and after much pressure, she decided to grant an exclusive interview to youngNigerian.comExcept below 

About Me

Thanks for having me…first of all, I must say I really appreciate what your is doing. It’s really awesome for Nigerians to talk about and promote their own…



I’m Adedamola Oladapo. Funny I’m actually sticking with the name Adedamola, I’ve always preferred my first name Damilola. I’m the first of three children of Mr. Siyanbola and Mrs Tinuola Oladapo. Two girls in the family and a boy who happens to be the last born. I’m not married…so well means one thing in status…

My primary education was here in Lagos in Laurel School and attended Babignton Macauley and Queens Academy, for my secondary school. Currently, I’m a 400-level Law student at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

I’m the CEO and owner of Adedamola, under the URL, a blog, social companionship website and market affiliate site.

Writing has always been an inspiration to me, when I see things I appreciate art put it down to writing, but seriously over the years, it hasn’t been easy to meet up in it but if there’s anything ” I’ve learnt so far in life is never give up, put yourself always I the encouraging position that you can do better than this”


It’s from the Nickelodeon cast song of the movie “Victorious…put your dreams in action”

Idea Behind Adedamola


(laughing ) But let’s just put it in this form. Before I gained admission into OAU, I wrote a book, while struggling to make amends with my editor…I decided to do something different, take up the character in the book who happened to be a writer, and strangely but grateful for the experience, the book became a motivation to me, and I got to learn from a book I wrote myself.

Incorporating the website of the characters to be a real story, with the name “Adedamola”…that’s how it all began.

What’s Adedamola All About

Adedamola 2

Adedamola is an interesting site, not because I run it. The truth is, I work with beautiful set of amazing friends who turn out to be team mates.

As rightly said before, Adedamola is:

  1. Blog, comprising of fashion and styles, write-ups, personality profiles, latest songs, news updates, entertainment, politics, business etc. You don’t need to sign up to read the blogs, you can read it via “menu” on the outer page of the site.
  2. Social Companionship Website, a social forum to chat on. If your are bored, you need to meet new friends, or simply to put out your mind or bothering questions, or topics you feel you aren’t comfortable sharing with friends.
  3. Social Affiliate – advertising products for people, company, wedding…connecting people to others etc. We also advertise bc’s on our site.

On Linda Ikeji


People often call or send message to tell me , “Oh Adedamola, your website is awesome…you are the new Linda Ikeji..” The truth is that I’ve never thought that way. I’ve always wanted to create something unique and to give the best…I put in so much effort to give Nigerians something educative and inspiring….Linda Ikeji is good but there are other bloggers that are equally good…hardly are people recognizing them. When you visit other blogs, you will understand what I mean.

Final Word

You may say I’m a workaholic, but don’t get me wrong, I might be, but it is dedication that inspires me to love what I am doing and I charge you all out there to please, please and please put your dreams to action and never quit!

Thank you.


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