New CBN Guidelines On ATM Operations In Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria, in a circular, has released rules that’ll be governing ATM cards and ATM operations in Nigeria.

Below is a summarized version of the guidelines:

All ATMs shall be able to dispense all denominations of Naira. For deposit taking ATMs, acceptable denominations shall be displayed by the deployer. 

No card scheme shall discriminate against any ATM owner or acquirer. Every card-scheme must publish for the benefit of every ATM owner or acquirer and the Central Bank of Nigeria, the requirements for acquiring ATM transactions under the card scheme. 

No ATM owner or acquirer shall discriminate against any card scheme or issuer. 

Stand-alone or closed ATMs are not allowed. ATMs should be situated in such a manner as to permit access at reasonable times. Access to these ATMs should be controlled and secured so that customers can safely use them.

All ATMs shall accept all cards issued in Nigeria under CBN regulations for any card-based value added service made available on the machine.

Cash retraction shall be disabled on all ATMs. Banks are to ensure that there is appropriate monitoring mechanism to determine failure to dispense cash. They also have to make sure that there is online monitoring mechanism to determine ATM vault cash levels 

ATMs are not stocked with unfit notes. 

Every ATM shall have cameras, which shall view and record all persons using the machines and every activity at the ATM, including but not limited to: card insertion, transaction selection, cash withdrawal, card taking, etc. However, such cameras should not be able to record the key strokes of customers using the ATM.

In the event of irregularities in the account of an ATM customer, arising from the use of card on ATM, the following shall apply: 

a. All cardholders’ complaints should be treated within T + 3 from the date of receipt of the complaints; Acquirer must respond to Issuer’s request within 2 days. 

b. Where records are falsified by any party, appropriate sanctions shall apply.

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