Nigerian Bakers Potraying Their Country’s Rich Culture Through Cakes

Generally cakes are made from different combinations of, namely, refined flour, shortening, sweetening, eggs, milk, leavening agent, and flavoring. As a matter of fact, there are thousands recipes for cake baking. Cake baking is said to have begun after the discovery of flour by the world’s most primitive peoples.

Ancient Egypt was actually the first to showcase true skill in the art of baking by making different kinds of bread.  Greeks, Romans, Britain and French all developed different versions of it and giving it different names although the ingredients used were  mostly raisin, nut, fruit, honey, butter, currants, spices, and eggs.

Today cake has gained popularity worldwide. It is used in virtually all events such as wedding, birthday, anniversary, christening, graduation, and other forms of celebration or special occasions. Cake also is symbolic in nature. It is used to represent something or pass across some form of message through its designs, colors etc.

Nigeria is among the list of countries where cake are used for various occasions ranging from engagement , weddings and so on. One interesting thing about this is that Nigerian bakers now speak through cakes and employ their ingenuity to design cakes in the form of traditional attire, fez caps, beads, colanuts, calabashes, palmwine etc. brings you some of the finest cake design by Nigerian innovative bakers: Helado Delicia, Empress Galleria, Cripples Cakes and AnneMary’s Bake Hut. Indeed they are more than work of art. Obviously they are inspired by Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage. 


@theempressgalleria 3
Kente Cloth Cake by the Express Galleria


@theempressgalleria 2
Art by the Empress Galleria


Dripples Cakes
Art by Dripples Cakes


@theempressgalleria 4
Masterpiece by the Empress Galleria


@theempressgalleria 6
A Jewelry box filled with beads, wristwatch and wrapper


@theempressgalleria 5
Isi Agu Cloth and Box Cake by the Empress Galleria


Dripples Cakes 2
Wrapper Cake by Dripples Cakes


Fez Hat topped Isia Agu Cake by the Empress Galleria


Dripples Cakes 4
Crown by Driipples Cakes


Helado Delicia
Bride Cake by AnneMary’s Bake Hut


Dripples Cakes 3
Palmwine Cake


Helado Delicia 2
Beaded Pillow Cake by Helado Delicia


AnneMary's Bake Hut

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