Ten Smart Ways To Market Your Small Business This Month


Forget what you have been doing before… It’s time to fire up your marketing and grow your small business. Our Team came up these ten tips will believe need to apply to your marketing this month and beyond:

1.  Have a Brand:

Your business needs a face and an identity. This is very crucial and obviously the first thing you need to do once you know you in business. Work extensively on how you want to be seen and perceived. Have a professional logo created for your brand.

2.  Go Social

Many small business today still don’t have social media. If you are building a business today without social media presence, you are doing it wrong. Get on the platform that is relevant to your business. For example, if you are into food, fashion, design or any other image driven business, you can’t afford not to be on Instagram.

3. Get a Website

It’s cheaper today to get website than it was three years ago. Get a website right as soon as possible. This will help your business get found on the internet. The internet today is loaded with cheap ways to get great looking website.

4. Use Flyers and Brochures

People believe what they can touch and feel. This is one reason you must never play with the power of print marketing. Create stunning flyers and brochures for your business and hand them out using every opportunity you find. Flyers and brochures help had tangibility to your brand.

5. Attend Networking Events

Connect with other business owners at events, this is very important but usually overlooked. The larger your network, the more opportunity you create for your business.

6. Make Your Customers Your Best Evangelists

If your service is good, customers will tell other potential customer, if it’s exceptional, they will shout and sing about it. Ensure you delivery the very best and then encourage your customers to share and tell friends about your company. The best form of marketing is the one your customers are doing for you.

7. The Business Cards is Still A Magical Tool.

The business card remains a relevant tool in marketing. Every time you hand out your business cards, you telling people “This is what I do and I am very serious about it”. Beyond adding tangibility to your brand. It is a great from of communication. Ensure you have relevant information on your business cards.

8. Use Email Marketing Like A Boss

The guys at Café Neo is obviously the only food brand doing it right for now. Café Neo take your email the first time you place an order and then every time you walk into their outlet, your email is used for your receipt and not just that, they will send you great information on how you can make the best out of your coffee. Now that’s how to keep your customers close

9. List Your Business on Directories

You want to be ensure every time people search for our or services related to what you do, they find you first before finding your competition. This is why listing your business everywhere is a no-brainer.

10. Think Globally.

Today’s business environment is beyond your geographical territory. The internet presents great ways to market your services to people currently within your physical reach. Use every means possible and position your business to receive sales from everywhere.

Source: Printivo

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