President Mohammadu Buhari, 77, has recently appointed Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari, 75, as his Chief of Staff, a month after the demise of Mallam Abba Kyari, 67, who died from novel Coronavirus. This appointment has elicited criticism from different quarters. Many have viewed the current appointment as the President’s like for old men who are retired or should have retired from public service and paved way for the youths. They dismiss this as retrogressive considering that his Youth Minister, Sunday Dare, is also 53.

But, one thing you cannot take away from President Buhari is that he does not joke with his old friends, those he could trust, those who have in the course of working for him had shown certain qualities he cherish, hence you blame him for pitting old men in offices - mind you he became a president at old age, are you expecting those his trusted friends to grow younger? Had he become a president at 50 his current chief of staff would have been around 46/48, think!

President Mohammadu Buhari

The big question to all his critics is: do you have a good relationship that could warrant a friend calling you from nowhere to be his Chief of Staff in the future?

First, in your University days, your friend sent you money, ‘o boy please help me do my registration as I will come late, wosah!!! You ate the money! You spent the money on your girlfriend only for the poor boy to come and do the registration by himself. Yes, you paid him the money back but an impression is made for life. Do you know?

Second, I know someone who got appointed as a CPS to a Governor on the recommendation of his former girlfriend. You, yes, you reading this, you have had over fifty girlfriends but not a single one would recommend you, why?

Third, you were the Student Union President in your school, your roommates were the first to contribute to your election but soon after winning, you deserted both the room and your roommates. Will they recommend you forty years after school? NO!

Fourth, your friend was contesting for a post in your University days, you ditched him because of funny immediate gain. Who will recommend you, sir? Here I will give a personal experience.

It was around 1995 at University of Ibadan, my friend, Engr. Kazeem Kolawole Raji (KK) was contesting for the Student Union president and needed my support very badly. I told his immediate team led by late Adeola Fajana (Fajay) that since my political boss, late Dr. Adebayou John Soyoye (Big J) would be contesting, I would not be able to give Raji KK the needed support. Big J had returned to campus as a post graduate student then. On a particular day, a certain big man in town, Alhjai Arisekola Alao had given big financial support to Raji KK and I was asked if I would change my mind as per my support for him. My answer was NO despite looking at the big money placed on a table before me. Raji KK and his team were shocked and I left the place. Interestingly, my friendship with Raji KK became deeper after then.


Fast forward. In 2003 the same RAJI KK (who had become a senior staff member in one of the leading telecommunication company in Nigeria) was contesting for state House of Assembly election in Oyo state. I was working in Abuja but he insisted I must be his RETURNING officer in the said election. I had to be flown in from Abuja for that task. When I arrived Oyo everyone wanted to know the man whom KK trusted so much - what can your friend say of you?

Most times, it is not just about the age, check and evaluate yourself my brother. Today’s gains are products of the investment of the past.

Source: Facebook/Dayo Ajibola